'A lil White lie is exactly that. 
Things we tell everyone daily
to let them think we are alright when really we're so far from it'
Troy Crossfield
Troy Crossfield

Actor, writer, multi faceted artist; 

Troy Crossfield has been featured in 

numerous plays as a lead/principal actor; 

fresh off a tour in the U.S; Darren Anthony's 

'Secrets of a Black Boy' amongst other 

shows in the Toronto circuit such as 'My Brothers Keeper' (EMG) Including,

  a singing role in Robin Givens “Joy in the Morning” television debut in 

playwright and producer, Trey Anthony’s 

“The Kink in My Hair”. 

Jude Anthony

A visual creative on the team; Jude brings images to life with his stunning photography and visual direction.

Chantel Goring

From the world of

Project Management

to Theatre and Film in the entertainment world, Chantel has thrown herself into our world head first.  She is running the show with the team.  She brings her outside management skills and leads the team with her abilities.


Crossfield House Productions

A new production company in theatre, film and online creative projects.  

Our goal is to create narratives based on our diverse community.  

We want to inspire actors, writers, future producers who have the 

vision but need the push to make it happen.  We are in 

this to make others see their potential and also be a part of the process.

We are a team of actors, writers and big dreamers that live it daily. 

A little White Lie 

Written by Troy Crossfield. 

It is a story of people pretending to be something they are not in order to

gain their own selfish desires.  We start the play off with a group of 

young black professional women in a restaurant sharing their stories of the men

who they encounter not knowing that there is a web of truths that will unfold. 

Karen Simpson is group lead on various projects and as an actor Karen has won many awards for her film 'Saving Dreams' she has been in various theatre productions in the city.  


Karen Simpson, 
'Get you a team that believes in you as much as you believe in them.'
Troy Crossfield
Dennis Langely

A visual creator, actor, writer Dennis Langely is a contributor to the 

(CHP) team he is an experienced marketing guru who knows how to complete projects.  

Joella is a producer in her own right working on various projects and a brilliant actor.  She is the all around go to girl and overseas the projects and scripts.


Joella Chriton
Sheronna Osbourne

Actor, Fashion Stylist Sheronna Osbourne is the thread of the team

with amazing creative concepts and making sure the team is looking solid. She is also a beast in front of the camera.